Coastal Linen Supply:
A Safe & Trusted Choice for Vacation Linen Service

When you order your vacation linens through Coastal Linen Supply (CLS), you can rest assured that the linens you receive from us are cleaner than being washed at home or at a laundromat!

At CLS, we launder our own linens.  There is no third-party between us and the linens you rent from us: no homeowner, no laundromat.  Our laundering process ensures our bed, bath & beach linens are not only clean, but they are disinfected.  This makes our linens cleaner-than-clean!

Disinfection requires a combination of temperature, time, detergents and mechanical action: we use hot water between 140-160°f, our wash cycle runs for 45 minutes, we use professional detergents and wash processes.  After disinfection, our bed linens are individually wrapped in an impermeable barrier to ensure you are the first person to touch your linens since they left our facility.

Since 2003, Coastal Linen Supply has been a trusted source for top quality linens, reliable delivery and excellent customer service.  Now that we launder our own linens, we can be trusted to deliver linens that are cleaner-than-clean.

Historically, bedding provided by the homeowner (bedspreads, blankets, mattress protectors, etc.) is not washed between each tenant turnover.  Given our collective “new normal” we recommend each vacationer check with their point-of-contact for their vacation home to make sure any bedding provided by the landlord has been laundered after the previous tenant.

Coastal Linen Supply assures our customers (renters, homeowners, rental agents, etc.) that our laundering process disinfects what we wash.  Using professional laundry equipment, detergents, and processes, what we wash is cleaner than home or laundromat washing.  We call it “Cleaner than Clean”.

We not only rent linens that we own and clean ourselves, we also clean bedding for homeowners.  If anyone needs help deciding how to handle bedding at a vacation home, we are available to help.  Feel free to pass our information along.

Thank you!  Have a safe and enjoyable summer!